Birmingham Hippodrome sent Chris Unitt to Boston – for an ouch, oowah, scarey moment with Cirque Éloize

Mandy  Rose, Press & PR Officer writes:

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together especially when the result goes global on the internet.

Cirque Eloize perform id

We recently sent Chris Unitt, one of Birmingham’s leading social media types, on a plane to Boston to meet the cast and creatives of iD, a brand new creation blending circus arts and urban dance.

 Now, this production, performed by Quebec based Cirque Éloize, is a visual feast and copy doesn’t really do it justice.  So, armed with his video camera, Chris ‘volunteered’ to take part in a rather scary stunt which most viewers have already found to be rather ‘near the knuckle’ so to speak – especially the men amongst us.

 The resulting video footage was placed on Birmingham Hippodrome website (via Youtube) and within 3 days received over 200,000 hits! That figure has doubled to over 400,000 with postings on other internet sites such as The Huffington Post.  And we were more than a little excited when it reached the top five in most viewed video on Youtube last month.

If you watch this, be warned, it does contain some rather ouch and oohwa moments.

Click here if you dare to view!

Chris Unitt we salute you!

If you fancy a little bit more of Cirque Eloize they are performing at Birmingham Hippodrome for the very first time from 2 – 5 November click here to find out more and to book tickets.

Twitter:    @brumhippodrome; @mandyrose1 @chrisunitt

Facebook:  Birmingham Hippodrome

Chris Unitt is behind the award winning Created in Birmingham blog

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