Mandy Rose, Press and PR Officer blogs about the arrival of the Cinderella cast today

The final week of pantomime rehearsals is upon us and following a rehearsal week in London we finally welcomed the cast of Cinderella to Birmingham Hippodrome.  

There’s a really lovely atmosphere around the building at the moment.    The stage is being transformed into a magical Cinderella set, costumes are being unloaded and the cast have just completed a full run through.

Basil Brush's costume!

Tony Priestly, Head of Wardrobe took me to see the many costumes  that had just come in.    I actually saw a costume that had been  especially made  for Basil Brush (guilty pleasure as he’s a childhood hero of mine) and Brian Conley’s finale costume.  It’s Brian’s 5th pantomime production with us – the first lead artist to achieve that many appearances in a Brum panto!  Cinderella’s fairytale dress is amazing and clever – but unfortunately I can’t post a picture as  it will spoil the surprise!  Tony tells me there are just under 300 costumes in this production and that he’s really excited about showing them off to audiences.   To be honest I don’t blame him.   The costumes certainly are stunning.

I took the Heart FM breakfast crew up to rehearsals after my visit to wardrobe.    Michael Harrison, Cinderella Director and Producer, kindly gave us all access today.  I can’t give too much away but let’s just say that Ed James and Rachel New got involved with some mean choreography which you’ll be able to see on their website later this week.

Brian Conley and Lynda Bellingham being interviewed during rehearsals

Lovely to see Brian Conley back, he’s such a favourite with Hippodrome staff and Lynda Bellingham tells me she’s really enjoying rehearsals and looking forward to her debut as Fairy Godmother.

Once the set has been built (our crew are working around the clock) then technical rehearsals can start.

Cinderella opens at Birmingham Hippodrome this Saturday 17th December.

You can see more pictures from today in our gallery on the right.


  1. Meg says:

    I loved Cinderella and Brian and Lynda it was the best the panto I have ever saw

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