Backstage on a Friday…


Friday – the end of the week for a standard, 9-5 office dweller; for the panto lot, however, it begins 3 days of two shows per day in another busy run of performances.

In the calm before the storm this morning I took a sneeky peek behind the scenes to get some shots before the cast and crew arrive in the building…


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2 comments on “Backstage on a Friday…

  1. Mrs Myers! says:

    We all enjoyed the panto today. Thanks to everyone involved. Hope I didn’t spoil it by being on stage too! (Fame at last for me at 43!, thank you) x

  2. Katie Fraser says:

    Loved seeing those! How cool! I loved your panto and just to see those pictures of what went on behind the scenes made it even more magical than it was on stage! The magic tricks were cool as well! I’m going to google some of the places listed in your programme , of TWINS, Le Maitre, and the other places that helped you with the technical stuff.

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