76 years of theatre experiences…

Patricia Edwards has been attending the theatre since the age of 15 and loves everything Birmingham Hippodrome. Recently Pat and her daughter Christine made an incredible decision to club together and support Birmingham Hippodrome by becoming Supporting Cast Patron’s of the venue, showing an incredible pledge of support to their local theatre. Aged 76, Pat blogs about her theatre experiences…

Pat & Christine with Brian Conley

Pat & Christine with Brian Conley

I first started going to the theatre when I was 15 years old. As I worked in Wolverhampton, every Thursday after work I used to go to the Grand Theatre. It didn’t matter what was on, musicals, plays, the six week of summer rep & of course the pantomimes. I went every week of panto season!

The stars I remember from those days are Ann Ziegler & Webster Booth, Norman Wisdom (in panto) & before he made his name, Edmund Hockridge. I used to go on my own & always went to the stage door to get the stars autographs. As I couldn’t afford to buy the show programmes back then, I treated myself to an autograph book & took it everywhere with me. Unfortunately, one Saturday night whilst out dancing with friends our handbags were stolen – my most precious possession, my autograph book was nowhere to be found!

I went to the theatre regularly until I met my husband to be, then it was only now & then.

Pat & Christine with John Barrowman

Pat & Christine with John Barrowman

It was only as Christine got older that we started going further afield & when her own children were old enough we started taking them to the pantomime. As they got to school age we started to take them to the musicals, mainly at Birmingham Hippodrome & also the occasional trip to the West End. Christine & I now do the theatre trips with a friend of ours, sometimes it’s just the two of us & very occasionally, with my grandchildren & their partners.

How has theatre changed over the years? Well, there are now more shows to choose from, too many at times! But still as enjoyable & exciting.The staging has changed dramatically from static settings to movable stages, animals that talk, flying cars & chandeliers that crash to the ground to name but a few changes.

Now at the age of 76, not as agile as I used to be, the theatre stage door still beckons me & I’m as star struck now as I ever was!!

To find out how you can support Birmingham Hippodrome in a number of different ways CLICK HERE.

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