There’s nothing like a Dame…

Ben Wooldridge (@benwooldridge) goes backstage with our Pantomine Dame, Andrew Ryan to uncover a transformation into his fabulous alter-ego…

Andrew Ryan in his dressing room...

Andrew Ryan in his dressing room…

Pantomime just would’nt be the same without the Dame and this year we have the pleasure of hosting Andrew Ryan as the hillarious Mrs. Crusoe.

Andrew has been playing the role of the Dame in pantomimes across the country for the past 22 years but this is his first year joining Britain’s biggest panto right here in Birmingham.

This week I got the opportunity to join Andrew in his dressing room before a matinee performance to see the 30 minute process of him transforming into the outrageous character. Andrew is obviously very used to the process now and gets on with applying his lipstick, sticking on his eyebrows and fitting his wig with apparent ease.

Andrew with Danny La Rue's finale costume...

Andrew with Danny La Rue’s finale costume…

Whilst his make-up remains the same throughout the production one thing that is always changing is his costumes! In the two and a half hour running time of the show Andrew changes his outfit 12 times with the quickest in a meer 30 seconds at the side of the stage – that means in one day with two shows he will  change costume 24 times that’s 144 per week and 888 throughout the run!!

Andrew also shared a fascinating fact, the dress that he wears for the walk-down in the finale he actually bought in an auction and it’s original owner is non-other than the ultimate Pantomime Dame, Danny La Rue.

As Andrew’s transformation is such a fascinating process I managed to cram his 30 minute conversion into this 1 minute video – take a look HERE. The photo gallery below should also give you an idea of how he becomes the formidable Mrs Crusoe…

For more info & to book tickets CLICK HERE.

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