In conversation with Daniel Boys…

Ben Wooldridge (@benwooldridge) writes…

You probably recognise Daniel Boys from BBC’s Any Dream Will Do where young men from the length and breadth of the country fought it out in a battle of brawn and baritone. However, Daniel has also been a leading man in a number of West End musicals including fronting a chorus of perverse puppets in Avenue Q for two and a half years.

Now he leads a major UK tour of the brand-new production of High Society which arrives in Birmingham from 14 May. A few days ago Daniel took time out between shows to have a quick chat over the phone about his career and the show, here’s a snapshot of our ramblings…

Firstly, can you tell us how you became an actor?

“I always wanted to be a performer since my parents took me to London to see Starlight Express. Even as a child I knew I wanted to get up on stage and sing. I studied at Guildford School of Acting and then actually left early to join the UK tour of Rent the Musical – we came to Birmingham with that one too!”

…and in the meantime, what was the worst job you have ever had to do?

“Way back in about 2004, I was doing some promotional work for an agency where you worked on behalf of different companies promoting their products. There was one particular job where I had to dress up as Elvis and promote the new Kingsmill range!”

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

daniel 2“There are several, but obviously the Joseph programme was a big thing for me, my career and helped it no end. It was an incredible experience and one I feel incredibly lucky to have done. A job highlight has to be Avenue Q; I did it for two and a half years in the West End and I loved every second of it.”

People can be critical of TV talent shows like Any Dream Will Do – do you think they still have a place in recruiting performers?

“Yes, definitely; I know people can be critical but I think the public have got it right every time.  Also the winners, and the majority of contestants, tend to be professionals so it’s not like they are just getting random people off the street. To me, they are encouraging a new generation of theatre-goers, which can only be a good thing, as well as creating new theatre stars.”

So if you weren’t performing on stage, what do you think you would be doing as your day job?

“It would definitely be something to do with animals, I’m such an animal lover it’s ridiculous! I love dogs, so maybe working in a dog rescue centre. I would love to be a vet but I don’t think I’m intelligent enough.”

Maybe a zoo keeper?


A singing zoo keeper!?

“Yeh, I could sing the animals to sleep or something…”

Daniel and the cast of High Society arrive in Birmingham from 14 -19 May.

Click here for more info & tickets.

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