Behind the scenes from the comfort of your desktop…

Ben Wooldridge (@benwooldridge) writes…

Over the coming two weeks join us for two exclusive live streamed events for a peek behind the red curtain at two fascinating events:

Tue 7 May, 8.45pm aprox. – Sutra Post-Show Talk
Join us live from the main auditorium after the curtain comes down on the stunning dance production Sutra as we stream a live feed of a chat with the cast and creatives of the award-winning production.

Wed 15 May, 12.45pm aprox. – High Society Cast Warm-Up
It’s a usual day-by-day ritual of any performer that the audience never get’s to see. Join us as we stream live from the stage as the cast of the ‘swell’ musical, High Society warm-up their bodies and vocal chords before curtain up of the matinee performance.

More info will be posted on the day of the event but simply follow us on Facebook and Twitter where a live link will appear at the time of broadcast.

I hope to see you in cyberspace!

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