A week in Development…

A couple of weeks ago Hannah Lait joined our Development department for a week long work experience placement during a series of very busy events including a special Fundraising Gala. In our latest blog Hannah writes about her experience…

I first arrived at the Hippodrome with a warm welcome from both Rosie and Judith who work as part of the Development Team based on the 4th floor of the building.  I was then given a tour around the building and tried my hardest to learn the maze of the corridors (which does get eventually easier each day!).  After completing a few of my initial tasks given to me by the Development team, I was then taken on an exciting look behind the scenes of the theatre and my eyes were opened!

Hannah Lait

Hannah Lait

A highlight of my week was being able to help with the Fundraising Gala; a hectic but exciting experience!  There was one key thing I learnt quickly from working at the Gala and that was that timing is crucial, so everything had to go to schedule or it could get a tad tricky. The decorations for the special event were stunning, making it an enchanting sight for the guests and a sight I certainly won’t ever forget.

Another highlight came on Tuesday when I got a backstage tour, one of the most interesting aspects of the Hippodrome I’ve ever seen. From the many bright beautiful costumes and masks used in The Lion King, to the tightly packed store rooms, it’s a wonder how they don’t manage to lose anything and stay organised! I learnt that an incredible amount of work, effort and time is put into the show and that’s what contributes to making it astonishing for the audience.

During my week I was also invited to see the Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School performance as part of the theatre’s education work – it was so lovely to see all the enthusiastic children taking part in different dances, stories and songs from all over the world.  One afternoon I also helped out Front of House which was amazing but extremely tiring.  I loved seeing the show from the front of house point of view because it’s ultimately down to them to make sure everything is right for the audience.

I’ve learnt from the Development team that it’s all about being able to make contact with people, making sure that they see the true importance of how donations can help the Hippodrome and it’s work with Education and Access projects whilst also bringing excellent productions to the city.

I honestly had a fabulous week and am so thankful to of had this experience. It’s gone too fast if you ask me but Hakuna Matata for it is a wonderful phrase…

Hannah Pennick also joined the department for a week, at the end of her placement she wrote…

Hannah Pennick

Hannah Pennick

Work experience at the Hippodrome was an amazing and enlightening experience.  It offered a range of different opportunities which I would never have experienced anywhere else –  from visiting a school, to a backstage tour, to a networking course, and everything in between. I could not recommend an experience like this enough. The Hippodrome is an amazing building with a brilliant group of people working behind the scenes to make everything that the Hippodrome does possible; I had no idea of some of the incredible projects that go on both in the theatre itself and in the local community.

I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity, and want to thank all the staff who made me feel so welcome.

Thanks to both Hannah’s for their hard work during their time with us. To find out more about the work of our Development department and how you can support your local theatre click here.

To take a look at what went on at the fundraising gala in more detail read more here.

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