Remember a Charity in your Will Week…

Following her blog on Wednesday, Development Manager Eve Smith tells us more about supporting Birmingham Hippodrome…

Life can be so busy!  With long hours and pressures at work, ever-demanding families and hectic social lives (with plenty of trips to the theatre, we hope!).  We are increasingly living for the here and now and spend precious little time thinking or more importantly planning for the future.  And the same goes for our charitable giving.  So if my blog on Wednesday made you think, then perhaps you’ll be interested in the various ways you can support the theatre you love.

The Hippodrome offers a legacy scheme which can thank you during your lifetime for the gift you make when you’ve gone.  We’ll encourage you to make appropriate preparations for loved ones and only consider a charitable donation once they have been suitably provided for.  But your gift, no matter how small, will support our work for future generations.  It sounds so simple…because it is!
Click on Legacies for more information or contact Eve on 0121 689 3067

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