Wardrobe team prepare for the UK’s biggest pantomime!


Mandy Rose, Press & PR Officer, Birmingham Hippodrome writes:-

Whilst backstage today the panto company are busy on stage doing technical rehearsals, the Wardrobe department are just as busy getting costumes ready for a mammoth 77 performances.

Tony Priestly, Head of Wardrobe tells me that an incredible 215 costumes will be worn at every performance and not only that there’s some pretty amazing headdresses too – 38 in all. Wardrobe will also have the task of washing a phenomenal 56 pairs of tights every day, making sure  everyone from our gorgeous Prince John Partridge, to the Man in the Mirror himself Gok Wan are in costume and ready to go on  stage on time. And don’t forget there’s  maintaining the costumes too from hand-sewing sequins, replacing buttons to fixing broken shoe heels!

Tony said  “We have a very high standard here in wardrobe, after all this is the UK’s biggest pantomime, audiences can look forward to lots sparkle and knockout costumes.”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs opens this Thursday 19 December click here for more info.

Picture:  Tony Priestly backstage in wardrobe.

One comment on “Wardrobe team prepare for the UK’s biggest pantomime!

  1. Katie Fraser says:

    Whoa! That doesnt surprise me about the amount of costumes! I am sure that you will be fantastic and Tony will do a great job!!!!!

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