Making a splash backstage at Singin’ in the Rain…

Press & PR Assistant, Ben Wooldridge (@benwooldridge) writes…

What does it take to make it rain? You may say that we have had more than enough lately, but it takes a huge effort and three days of preparation to make sure that the stage is showered with over 12,000 litres of water at every performance of Singin’ in the Rain – and caution, if you are sitting in the front five rows you may get more than your fair share!

High above the stage 12 sprinklers are poised to deliver a downpour to soak the awaiting cast, whilst underneath their feet the stage also fills with around three inches of water for the ensemble of cheery dancers to wade their way through equipped with over 40 umbrellas on and off stage.

The tank beneath the stage holds around 3,000 litres of water and two other tanks holding 4,000 litres await at the side of the stage – wherever you look there is a complex network of piping delivering H2O above and below the stage.

It also takes over 4 hours to heat the water to a comfortable 30 degrees for the performers whilst the water is treated 5 times using specialist UV filters.

So next time you see the heavens open, spare a thought for the Singin’ in the Rain team working around the clock ensuring that it rains on cue at every performance. Take a look at our image gallery below for more backstage shots…


EXTRA PERFORMANCE ADDED on Fri 21 Apr, 2pm click here for more info.

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