Behind the scenes at the National Theatre…

Press & PR Assistant, Ben Wooldridge (@benwooldridge) writes…

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip down to the big smoke along with a journalist from the local media to take a peek at rehearsals for One Man, Two Guvnors.

The National Theatre, sitting pretty on London’s Southbank, is a gargantuan building made up of a jigsaw of concrete blocks that rise high at the side of the Thames just a short walk down from landmarks such as the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. As you proceed through Stage Door (where the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Laurence Olivier, Sir Ian McKellen, John Gielgud and Maggie Smith have checked in and out of this famous building) the place opens up into a labyrinth of corridors and rehearsal rooms where creatives beaver away creating the theatre of the future.

We headed into Rehearsal Room 1, where the cast were assembled for another day of practise, starting with a tongue-twisting vocal warm up. Shortly after a few interviews, they cracked on with the precise timing and blocking that a comic production requires, each move timed to the exact millisecond.

This fantastic cast includes Shaun Williamson, who you will probably know as Barry from Eastenders, Emma Barton, who is also a recognisable face from Albert Square, and Gavin Spokes who played the central role of Francis Henshall in the West End.

Our National Theatre creates Drama and Theatre at it’s best, and One Man, Two Guvnors is a prime example of some of it’s best output in recent years. Take my word for it and don’t miss it here in Birmingham, your tummy will be aching from the belly laughs for a long while after…click here for more info and tickets.


Take a look at the gallery below for rehearsal shots:


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