From Cape Town to Birmingham…

Angela Kerrison who plays the role of Julie in Cape Town Opera’s upcoming production of Show Boat blogs about travelling over to the UK and being a mother on the road…

I have been performing with Cape Town Opera for about 15 years now, joining back when it first began. I graduated from the University of Cape Town having studied Opera Performance and I saw my first opera at Artscape in Cape Town when I was 18… and now I perform there!

Angela Kerrison and Baby Nia

Angela Kerrison and Baby Nia

Cape Town Opera has given me a wealth of performance opportunities. I would not be the performer I am today without their involvement, help and support.

My husband and I are also proud parents of a 10 month old baby girl, Nia who was born in August of last year. So far she’s had three long haul flights to date and three shorter flights, luckily she travels well. I simply could not stop singing so I chose to combine being a mum with performing.

When I got the offer to revisit the role of Julie and tour the UK I couldn’t say no. My husband and I have a lot of organising to do ahead of my visit, mainly making sure the baby will be taken care of. For the rehearsals in Cape Town I had my mum fly down for 10 days, my husband took over for the next 10 days and my sister and her family drove down from Gaborone, Botswana to help out as well. Thankfully, it all went really smoothly and Nia was surrounded by family all the time.

I will be bringing baby Nia with me to the UK; my husband is with us for the first week in Birmingham, then my mum- who lives in Botswana- will be with us for the rest of the run.

I think being a mum makes it easier to be a little gentler on yourself. As a performer, you strive for some idea of perfection- impossible as that may be. As a mum you live in the moment; every day being different. I accept that things happen, people are different every day and I just go with the flow.

My dad was born in London and this is the first time I will be performing in a show in the UK, having my dad and family see me on stage is going to be wonderful!

For more information on Cape Town Opera’s Show Boat click here.

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