Breathing life into ice…

Deep in the heart of Birmingham’s Southside district, hidden in an old warehouse behind a public house something extraordinary is taking place…

Every day teams of volunteers arrive at the warehouse to assist in the creation of a poignant spectacle set to take to the steps of Birmingham’s Chamberlain Square on 2 August presented by Birmingham Hippodrome.

12 freezer-fridges are slowly becoming home to over 5,000 ice figures which are carefully created by the team of volunteers by freezing water into male and female moulds which are then removed from their casing and chizzled into a final form in time for them to be re-frozen once again ahead of the event in Chamberlain Square.

Minimum Monument a major exhibition by the award winning Brazilian artist Néle Azevedo. On the day members of the public will be invited to place the beautifully crafted sculptures on the steps of the city’s Chamberlain Square where they can watch as the sea of ice figures melt.

The British premiere in Birmingham features the largest ever number of ice sculptures Néle has produced and is part of Birmingham City Council’s World War One Commemorations. To find out more about this FREE event click here.

Take a look at some images of the creation process below…

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