Winning Wicked Young Writer…

Yesterday we brought you the first story by one of the lucky winners of our Wicked Young Writers competition in association with the Library of Birmingham. Today, we bring you William Bezzant’s winning entry; William, aged 10 from Solihull, wrote a fantastically funny short story about an unlikely superhero…

Wicked Young Writers Award winners William Bezzant and Lauren Bull

Wicked Young Writers Award winners William Bezzant and Lauren Bull


It was a dark, stormy night as Soup-a-man sat in a restaurant eating soup. He was a tall, thin man with a blue shirt claiming that he worked for the soup agency.

Suddenly his soup-a-watch rang. Leaving his food, he went to the restaurant’s toilet. He flushes three times before pulling back the toilet roll to reveal a button. As he pressed it, the whole room shot down into the underground soup-a-base.

“Good morning” said Soup-a-boss. “We have detected an enemy by the name of Ice-man, who is freezing our soup supplies. He ran into Touchwood, and then found the enemy.

“I see the agency has found me” assumed Ice-man, lazily shooting a jet of ice which Soup-a-man dodged.  Soup-a-man launched a soup-a kick, but the ice could not be penetrated! He then has an idea. He took out his backpack, and mysteriously opened a flask of soup. He then threw it at Ice-Man, who melted until he was only a pile of water.

“Return to the soup-a-base at once cried Soup-a-boss.” When Soup-a-man got back, the lights were off, and it was silent. Suddenly, a fanfare went off, and confetti was sprayed. Soup-a-boss stepped forward. “Due to today’s course of events, I would like to announce Soup-a-man as the leader of the Solihull agency!”

“All in a day’s work” winked Soup-a-man.

By William James Bezzant

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