Kate Bush on stage at Birmingham Hippodrome…


Last night, Kate Bush made a triumphant return to the stage after more than a three decade long absence. Audience member, Craig Wooldridge blogs about seeing the icon of British music right here on the Birmingham Hippodrome stage back in April 1979…

A photo from Kate Bush's UK Tour programme in 1979

Kate Bush’s 1979 Tour Programme

I was 16 years old when I went to see Kate Bush at Birmingham Hippodrome in 1979. I was still into my punk music and groups at this age but she had an originality that was different to anything else around at that time and I was curious to see this phenomenon that had burst on the scene. I do also remember having to queue in the cold for several hours to get hold of one ticket by myself, no one else fancied it…

My memory about specifics of the concert is somewhat blurry but it was totally different to anything I’d experienced before; it was more of a theatrical performance than the pop/rock concerts I was used to. From what I can remember, I think the show was divided into four acts; there were a lot of costume changes plus some mime and poetry. There was also something said by Ms Bush at the time that some tracks were mimed because otherwise she couldn’t perform her dance routines, although she also used a headset microphone which was relatively unheard off in those days.

What sticks in my mind was when she sang “Oh England my Lion heart” – there was a World War theme to the piece with parachutes draped across the set and smoke pouring across the stage, really eerie but very moving.

She finished with “Wuthering Heights”, the stage set as a woody forest with Ms Bush in period costume in-keeping with the song title; again, I think she may have mimed to this as the dance was so intense (only speculation, don’t quote me!).

I had a good read of the programme but didn’t fancy the t shirt as I wondered if I’d have the mickey taken out of me by my punkie mates…

In those days I was going to one or two concerts a week at places like the Birmingham Odeon, Dale End Top Rank and Birmingham Civic Hall all around a fiver a ticket, so to stick in my now failing memory she must have been good.

On 30th September I will have the privilege of seeing this remarkable talent live once again, 35 years in the making and I’m sure Ms Bush will be just as unique today as she was all those years ago!

Were you there too? Let us know in the comments box and mark the event on Event Kick here. 

One comment on “Kate Bush on stage at Birmingham Hippodrome…

  1. Only one song was mimed because the dancing was too intense to allow singing – Hammer Horror.

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