Brum duo Transits chat to us ahead of their set at Summer in Southside afterparty MIX UP

Having formed just a few months ago at the start of the year, Birmingham duo Transits are already attracting more attention than either of them could have anticipated. Comprised of guitarist Elizabeth “Zeddie” Lawal and poet and vocalist Louisa Robbin, the up-and-coming band will be performing at MIX UP, Saturday night’s Summer in Southside after party.

To find out more, Hippodrome Ambassadors Heather and Sipho spoke to Louisa about her work.

We’re still kind of experimenting,” she explained, when asked about the band’s style and influences. “Zeddie comes from more of a rock background, so some of what she does is quite heavy, whereas I listen to a lot of soul and some indie music, so my style is much more mellow. Together we combine those influences. Zeddie plays electric and bass guitar, and I’m the lead vocalist. She also sings, so we do a lot of harmonising.

The pair originally met here in the city while studying at the University of Birmingham, but it would be some time before they began working together.

When I was at uni, I went to a hip hop, poetry and garage event, and we met there through a mutual friend. In January this year, I was asked to perform at a night a friend of ours was hosting. At that point, I didn’t really perform, and I didn’t think I knew any musicians, but then Zeddie was like, “I’ve been playing guitar for years! Why didn’t you ask me?” So we started rehearsing together, and after we performed, people said it was really interesting and that we should do more of it.

For Louisa, coming to Summer in Southside will be a new experience, but it’s one she’s definitely looking forward to having.

This time last year I was still just creeping into the arts scene, so I didn’t hear about it. This year has been the start of my ‘artistic career’, let’s say. But it looks really good! I’m especially excited for MIX UP. Tommy the VJ has really good taste in music, so I’m looking forward to that.

Though Transits’ online profile is still limited to Twitter and Facebook, they’re being booked up fast for gigs. Those wanting to hear more after MIX UP will be able to catch them at Sidewalk this Sunday, and then at Walkabout the following weekend.

We’re just trying to keep up with it all,” Louisa explained. “As of yet, we haven’t recorded anything professionally. Zeddie likes to just get stuff out there, but I’m much more of a perfectionist, which is probably why we don’t have any recordings online yet.

At the moment, the two are in the process of polishing up a song written by Zeddie some time ago, which they hope to have ready for Saturday night.

“It has some harmonies and a whole monologue  that Zeddie has written. The title at the moment is ‘Breathe’. Me and Zeddie aren’t that great at names. Most of our songs are still untitled, and we’re only Transits because we couldn’t decide on anything else!”

Transits hope that MIX UP will be a night full of “loads of things happening…loads of hugs” and “lots of love and fun”.

Make sure you don’t miss them: join us from 8pm this Saturday in the Stageside Bar and Restaurant.

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