We’re celebrating Strictly with Vincent and Flavia

Vincent and Flavia

Vincent and Flavia

We’re very excited that the official launch of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing will be broadcast on Saturday night but we’re even more excited that we have the original Strictly superstars at the Hippodrome tomorrow – how amazing is that!

Vincent and Flavia are currently rehearsing in London for what will be their last theatre tour so we’re honoured that they’ll be breaking from rehearsals to make a special visit to the Hippodrome to chat  to some of the regional media ahead of their new show The Last Tango.

It’s going to be a great day and we may even get the chance to learn a few tango moves!

We’ll be posting photographs from their visit early next week.

Keep Dancing!

The Last Tango opens here on 22 September.

2 comments on “We’re celebrating Strictly with Vincent and Flavia

  1. Irene Marston says:

    Am looking forward to seeing The Last Tango on 23rd September.

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