Seriously scary Sweeney Todd facts!

Halloween might be over but here’s some seriously scary facts about Welsh National Opera’s brand new musical production of Sweeney Todd which you can see here from 19-21 November! 

  • There are 6 types of stage blood used in each performance of Sweeney Todd, and they come in a variety of thicknesses – great for spurting and dripping.
  • Some of the blood effects look just as gruesome as the real thing,  some cast members have to take a whole mouthful of the stuff just before going onstage!
  • One particularly violent murder involves a complex set of under-costume tubes and plungers.
  • Sweeney’s razors come in all shapes and sizes – 3 styles of cutthroat blade are used in the show.
  • In the song ‘A Little Priest’ Sweeney and Mrs Lovett sing about 31 flavours of pie – all made from human flesh…like a shepherd’s pie with actual shepherd in!

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  • With 9 principals, a 60-strong chorus and a lot of blood, the touring wardrobe department have no choice but to take their washing machines on tour with them!
  • Despite using washable stage blood, it still takes 6 loads to make the costumes clean and ready for the next night’s performance of the musical.
  • In rehearsals, the first person to sit in the chair was David Arnsperger, Sweeney, the demon barber himself!
  • The cast go into make-up and wigs up to an hour and a half before each show – it takes time to get just the right look of madness and depravity!

See Sweeney Todd in all its gory glory if you dare from 19 – 21 November here at Birmingham Hippodrome. Book tickets via our website where you can choose your own seat or call our Box Office on 0844 338 5000.  Tickets from £16.50. [Ticket price subject to change. 5% transaction charge, plus postage from £1. 0844 calls to us will cost you 4.5p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.]

Recommended age 12 +

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