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8 comments on “Interact

  1. year 6 pupil says:

    Firstly we arrived at school at 18:15 . we departed with our D.H.T ,T.A and teacher via coachat 18:30.When we arrived we were very excited , we had our photo taken with the illuminous ,when we went inside ,we saw a war horse stand selling merchendise.then we went into the upper left circle(auditaurium). Then it started. It was amazing ,the goose was brilliant every time the door was shut on him it was so funny and when he attacked the manas well,another thing is the props were amazing especially the tank and the steel bars and last of all the puppets of the horses! in addition ,I advise everyone that is reading this to go and see it!

  2. year 6 says:

    On Wednesday the 16th of October 2013 Gossey Lane’s year 6 class went to watch War Horse at the Birmingham hippodrome . the play was so heart warming and emotional . I could watch the play again and again . But next time I would have to bring a box of tissues.

  3. year 6 pupil says:

    On Wednesday 16th October at 18:15 year 6 arived at school and we waited paitiontly to get on the coach to go to the Birmingam Hippodrome. Despite the freezing weather, we was bursting with exitment. Next, at 18:30 we departed school to the coach. We were on our way! Our teacher came with us as well as our teaching assistant and deputy head. When we arived we saw the War Horse sign glowing in the dark. The atmosphere was buzing with amazment and curiosity. Just before we went in we took a picture. They had no idea what was going to happen in War Horse. Now we went in, they were seling merchandices for War Horse at stools. Next, we walked up all the stairs untill we was at the top . We walked to the wooden door and waited for the doors to open. A few minutes later a man came out of the door and let us in. We sat in the upper left circle. It was like a birds view! After a few minutes the lights dimed, the show was about to start. When the show started it was amazing. I would say the duck stole the show. The way they changed the scences was amazing! I loved it!

  4. Pauline Luckett says:

    This year’s panto was one of the best, the twelve days of Christmas was hilarious we are still laughing about it. Well done to all the cast.

  5. Katie Fraser says:

    Love your theatre and being part of your access forum. Your theatre is magical and I miss it so much as I live in Hertfordshire but needs must when I help out for the access forum and the relaxed performance. You’re not just a stage for the best in the world you are a benchmark to show other theatres like my local one in Stevenage how its done in accessible performances and making the arts accessible to all.

  6. Katie Fraser says:

    Soooooo pleased for Brian Conley! The best performer ever and my favourite! I saw Brian at your theatre twice. Once was the Cinderella panto and the Ian sandy tribute show. I remember Brian coming down the steps at that show to see an audience member near me and me and this lady screamed , I got mentioned on Sunday Side Up on ITV as Brian appeared on it and I got Brian remembering me screaming at him!

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