“My Favourite Things”…with High Society’s Sophie Bould & Alex Young

This May a touch of Hollywood glamour and a sprinkle of some of Cole Porter’s most beloved and timeless tunes will be coming to Birmingham in the form of a brand-new production of High Society.

Sophie Bould in High Society

Sophie Bould in High Society

We talked with two of the stars of the show, Shropshire born Sophie Bould (Tracy Lord) and Alex Young (Liz Imbrie) about some of their “favourite things” about the show and life on the road…

What is your favourite thing about being a part of the High Society cast?

Sophie: It has to be sharing the stage with such talented actors. I watch and learn every night.

Alex: The High Society company are absolutely brilliant, one of the nicest companies I’ve worked with. Also, everyone is incredibly talented, which is humbling and educational.

Do you have a favourite thing that you keep with you in your dressing room?

Sophie: Yes, the photographs of loved ones pinned around my mirror.

Alex: I like to take the same things with me to each venue. It gives me a sense of familiarity. Even if it’s just a cup or my slippers! I also like lots of things to nibble on during the show, so I always have a stash of food! I put the opening night good luck card I received from my mum on my mirror, along with a picture of a friend who passed away earlier this year.

Alex Young & Daniel Boys in High Society

Alex Young & Daniel Boys in High Society

What is your favourite thing about visiting Birmingham?

Sophie: I’m a Midlands girl, so I’ll be relatively close to family while I’m in Birmingham so that’ll be a treat.

Alex: I used to come to Birmingham every year with a youth orchestra, to appear in a competition called Music for Youth. We used to play at the Symphony Hall, so I have many fond memories of that time.

What is your favourite thing about your character in the show?

Sophie: Tracy Lord is an absolute dream part. I feel incredibly lucky to be playing her in this production of High Society. As an actor, exploring and delving into multiple facets of a character is a real joy and a challenge. She is complex. Strong and feisty yet vulnerable too. The character of Tracy never fails to keep me on my toes.

Alex: Growing up, I was crazy about the film of High Society and used to want to be Celeste Holme (who played Liz), because in the end, she gets Frank Sinatra, on whom I had an enormous crush! So playing this role is a dream, and getting to know Liz during this show has only made me love her more! She’s incredibly tough, realistic, practical and bright. But at times she’s a goof, she’s artistic, she’s vulnerable, and soft as a kitten!

You can also watch a video interview with Sophie about what would make her very own idea of a “swell party” here.

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