Give Big this Christmas…

Save the date!

We are delighted to have been selected to join this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge with a focus on raising money towards our first-ever ‘relaxed performance’.

The relaxed performance of the UK’s biggest pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs takes place on Thursday 30 January 2014 at 1pm. It is specially designed to ensure that children on the autism spectrum, plus those with learning difficulties or sensory and communication disorders have the opportunity to enjoy a live theatre experience. The relaxed performance is designed to make children – many of whom will be first-time theatre goers – feel comfortable and to reduce any anxiety. Some of the loud and bright elements of the pantomime will be reduced, strobe lighting and pyrotechnics will be removed, and staff and cast will accommodate movement and noise within the auditorium.

Donations made via The Big Give on Thu 5, Fri 6 and Sat 7 Dec could be doubled by the charity – enabling you to potentially double your donations at no extra cost! We are encouraging everyone to save the date and help us to provide a unique theatre experience for disadvantaged children.

Please visit from 10am on Thursday 5, Friday 6 or Saturday 7 December, or go to

Take a look below to watch a trailer supporting the Big Give from our Panto cast!

Thank you for your support.

Remember a Charity in your Will Week…

Following her blog on Wednesday, Development Manager Eve Smith tells us more about supporting Birmingham Hippodrome…

Life can be so busy!  With long hours and pressures at work, ever-demanding families and hectic social lives (with plenty of trips to the theatre, we hope!).  We are increasingly living for the here and now and spend precious little time thinking or more importantly planning for the future.  And the same goes for our charitable giving.  So if my blog on Wednesday made you think, then perhaps you’ll be interested in the various ways you can support the theatre you love.

The Hippodrome offers a legacy scheme which can thank you during your lifetime for the gift you make when you’ve gone.  We’ll encourage you to make appropriate preparations for loved ones and only consider a charitable donation once they have been suitably provided for.  But your gift, no matter how small, will support our work for future generations.  It sounds so simple…because it is!
Click on Legacies for more information or contact Eve on 0121 689 3067

Willing to remember us…?

Did you know it’s Remember a Charity in your Will Week – In the first of two blogs Development Manager Eve Smith reflects on lifetime charitable giving…

Eve and Patron Guests at the launch of War Horse

Eve and Patron Guests at the launch of War Horse

When was the last time you gave money to charity? Was it to sponsor a friend, £1 in a collection tin, at a fundraising event or through a membership or subscription? With so many charities doing amazing work in the UK and abroad it’s relatively easy to support the causes that mean the most to us. Even in straitened times, people still seem to see the importance of giving with 74% of UK citizens regularly supporting charities during their lifetime. Not a bad statistic I’d say and if you’re one of those people then give yourself a pat on the back!

It gets interesting when you start to look at how many people continue on the road of giving by leaving a charitable gift as part of their will – the impressive statistic above drops to just 7%. It’s a dramatic reduction and an indicator that legacy giving isn’t high in our thoughts when we come to prepare a will.

Remember a Charity set out 13 years ago with the aim of ‘increasing the sector’s capacity to do good by making gifts in Wills the social norm’. Currently around £2 billion is generated through legacy giving every year – from just 7% of the population. However, there still remains a huge ‘untapped’ potential which could do wonders for all the charities we lovingly give to during our lives.

This week is ‘Remember a Charity in your Will Week’ an annual awareness campaign to encourage individuals to consider whether they might one day include a charity in their Will. Take a look at their online film – perhaps you might ‘Take a Moment’ to think…

The Hippodrome has benefitted from legacies in the past and welcomes all donations made in this way. For more information visit