Illuminating Southside…

Press & PR Assistant, Ben Wooldridge (@benwooldridge) writes…

Here’s a big thank you from everyone at Birmingham Hippodrome to the thousands of people who attended this weekend’s Illuminate.

The weekend saw Birmingham’s Southside district come alive with shining sculpture, projection, dance and family fun!

One of the highlights and main draws of the weekend was the incredible Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition featuring over 80 glowing sculptures in Gallan Car Park at the bottom of Hurst Street.

Fire dancers and flame throwers also took to the streets to entertain families whilst a 360 degree igloo invited poeple for an immersive cinematic experience.

Thanks again to those who came along and take a look at our image gallery below for more photos from the event…



Illuminating Poetry…

This weekend Illuminate will light up the areas surrounding Birmingham Hippodrome with a mix of light sculpture, dance, projection, live performance and more.

Sipho Eric Dube is a volunteer and young ambassador working on Illuminate – he is also a poet and spoken word artist. Sipho has written a piece especially for the festival which we thought we would share with you….

“We love in a city where you are accepted. This city we can live in. Creating out of nothing given; feel the city’s spirit dance, celebrating the heart, of the people in Birmingham events. sharing songs, that one way or another move you, performing on stage, or in the street, where’s there’s food, a feast, for art. And now there’s lights; illuminating the Hippodrome Square.
You’ll feel the colourful ambience excited, before you observe blues in-sync with greens, layered with yellows, pinks, purples, spiralled to enthuse your minds curiosity.
And as you willingly roam, why not interact with street projections, that perhaps, reflect your face Birmingham.

Where History will be told; complimented by colours so bold, delicate and pure.

Hippodrome, Illuminates.”

To find out more about what you can see and do for FREE at Illuminate visit