Good Food Talks…

We are very pleased to announced that our menus for our Circle Restaurant, Stageside Bar & Restaurant and the Deli Bar are now on the Good Food Talks website.

Good Food Talks is a web app that allows the UK’s 1.5 million visually impaired people to access restaurant menus independently, quickly and easily in restaurants or at home.

The app has been optimised to take advantage of the many accessibility features which are built into most smartphones. These functions include text-to-speech screen readers (VoiceOver on the iPhone), colour inversion, and different ways to control the size of the print and the brightness of the screen. There is nothing to download or install, and the app works on all models of smartphone.

Happy browsing!

Click here to visit the Good Food Talks site.

Restaurants raise over £1,500 for the homeless!

A huge thank you from all of us here at Birmingham Hippodrome to our generous patrons who donated to this year’s StreetSmart campaign.

We are always pleased to take part in StreetSmart during November and December, raising funds for the homeless by asking for £1 donations from customers at our restaurants at the end of their meal.

Thank you to all who donated and helped us raise a wonderful £1,536.00 for local homeless charity, St.Basils – you’re kind support is much appreciated.

For more information on StreetSmart click here.


In honour of the legendary Wimbledon Tennis Tornament kicking off this week, our Head Chef Chris Bratt-Rose has created his very own tribue to the classic Wimbledon dish, Strawberries and Cream.

The twist on a traditional dish is incorporates Strawberries and Cream with delicious Jelly Baby Merinques and is modestly simple for any chef.

CLICK HERE for the full ingredients list and preparation method.

Don those aprons and lets get whipping!

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