Behind the scenes from the comfort of your desktop…

Ben Wooldridge (@benwooldridge) writes…

Over the coming two weeks join us for two exclusive live streamed events for a peek behind the red curtain at two fascinating events:

Tue 7 May, 8.45pm aprox. – Sutra Post-Show Talk
Join us live from the main auditorium after the curtain comes down on the stunning dance production Sutra as we stream a live feed of a chat with the cast and creatives of the award-winning production.

Wed 15 May, 12.45pm aprox. – High Society Cast Warm-Up
It’s a usual day-by-day ritual of any performer that the audience never get’s to see. Join us as we stream live from the stage as the cast of the ‘swell’ musical, High Society warm-up their bodies and vocal chords before curtain up of the matinee performance.

More info will be posted on the day of the event but simply follow us on Facebook and Twitter where a live link will appear at the time of broadcast.

I hope to see you in cyberspace!

So what is SUTRA…!?



Sometimes it’s hard to explain what exactly a show is and what it contains to people without the person in question actually seeing it – so I thought I would jot down some notes on exactly what the upcoming production of SUTRA is.

The production was first seen in Birmingham during the International Dance Festival Birmingham in 2010 where it played at Birmingham REP – I was fortunate enough to catch the show during IDFB 2010 and must say it was my stand out favourite in the festival.

My main point is that there is truly something for everyone in the production, which all fits perfectly together. For all you contempoary dance bods out there the show is choreographed by acclaimed choreographer, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui with some beautiful scenes of subtle and serene dance mixed with high tempo movement.



Those of you not so up on your contempoary dance – don’t be put off! Stick with me, there’s no men in black leotards moving to a heavy electro beat in this show. 17 of the performers are Buddhist monks aged from 26 right to the youngest at just 10; these guys pull off some stunning tricks as they zoom around the stage complete with backflips, running up walls and high kicks! It’s almost like a fight sequence in The Matrix, minus the wires and tight rubber.

There is also something for you art lovers, Turner prize winning sculptor Anthony Gormley has created a set of simple wooden boxes which move around the stage to create a variety of different shapes and levels, almost like a set of giant jenga blocks.

If my ramblings still aren’t quite making sense, take a look at the trailer HERE.

Sutra is with us Tue 7 & Wed May – trust me and take a gamble. More info & tickets HERE.

Ben Wooldridge (@benwooldridge)