There’s more to the Hippodrome than the main stage!


Every week actors and dancers from around the world perform at Birmingham Hippodrome but our work with actors, performers and other artists is not confined to the stage.   You may already be aware of the work of Hippodrome Plus – bringing free events to the streets of Southside and giving a diverse range of young people the opportunity to work with choreographers, directors and to create performances and experiences of their own.

Then there’s Creative Shift – a consultancy that has been part of Birmingham Hippodrome’s creative enterprise since 2011.   Working with professionals, business owners and their staff teams Creative Shift harness the power and enjoyment of the arts to produce a shift in personal effectiveness, in perspective, in productivity or profit.

“I greatly enjoyed the drawing session, it was interesting, fun and challenging, but most of all really made me focus and think in a way that is useful beyond the activity we were doing, but in my day to day work as well… Delegate

Creative Shift also take their distinctive approach to deliver a powerful Presentation Skills Course for Executives.

“Before working with Creative Shift I would have made literally every excuse in the book not to do a presentation, but now I am genuinely happy to do them. Delegate

Helga Henry

Helga Henry

Director of Creative Shift Helga Henry (“a first rate presenter at the top of her game”) works with talent such as actor, artistic director and voice artist Miguel Oyarzun.   (Miguel trained as an actor in Madrid. and has worked extensively as a voice on video games – most notably being all 40 of the “baddies” in Call of Duty in Spanish!) and actress and voice over artist Isobel Middleton  .  Helga and Isobel studied together at University of Birmingham, while Helga went on to work in the arts and corporate law, Isobel became an actress – featuring in Cracker and Lewis for ITV, Eastenders for BBC as well as numerous roles in children’s television and various advertisements.

So the power of the theatre doesn’t stop at the stage here at Birmingham Hippodrome:  it is a force for business too.

If you want to find out more about Creative Shift’s highly acclaimed Presentation Skills programme contact, and to learn more about Creative Shift, their clients and the results they achieve visit

The show must go on – even when it is in the board room!

One comment on “There’s more to the Hippodrome than the main stage!

  1. Katie Fraser says:

    I know about Hippodrome Plus!!! Lol! Being a member of the Hippodrome’s successful access forum run by the creative programme people at the hippodrome this monthly meeting can bring about change for disabled people that attend the theatre and for those who may have specific access needs it also runs touch tpurs so blind patrons can get a sense up close of costumes etc. I love the access forum and even though I do not live in the area I can still feel attached to my favourite theatre ever by attending the access forum!

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